Taking Stock

In 1996 I started a PR firm with two clients in Wyoming.  It was a leap of faith—I was divorced with a 2-year-old and I wanted to create a life with flexibility, unlike the 60-hour work weeks I’d experienced in publishing houses and big PR agencies. What I learned is that you still work the 60 hours, but you get to decide when to work those hours so that you don’t miss out on life’s important moments. You sandwich work between dinner and bedtime and between weekend soccer games and shopping for groceries.

Starting a business allowed me to curate a list of clients who are fascinating, to work with people who have become lifelong friends, and to learn something new each day. Being a small business owner isn’t for everyone—it can come at the price of sleepless nights worrying about one thing or another—but for me, it has been the right choice. Cheers to all the people who have helped WordenGroup Public Relations grow—here’s to a bright future!

Darla Worden
WordenGroup PR


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